Top 5 Things To Do In Hampton, VA For Families

Things To Do In Hampton VA For FamiliesHampton, Virginia is a family-friendly city with lots of sites and activities for adults and children alike. If you are spending time in this city with your family, visit these top-rated places to thoroughly enjoy your stay in Hampton.

Discover space, aeronautics, and aviation.

Hampton is home to the Virginia Air and Space Center, an educational museum that doubles as the visitor’s center for NASA’s Langley Air Force Base and Langley Research Center. This modern museum is a family favorite as it boasts of numerous interactive exhibits that kids love, and an IMAX theater that adults enjoy as well. A more low-key alternative is the Air Power Park, a free site displaying various military aircraft.

Get in touch with nature.

There are several nature parks and farms in Hampton that provide a lovely escape from the urban flurry. At the Bluebird Gap Farm, for example, kids have a great time interacting with real domesticated animals including horses, rabbits, and llamas. If you would simply like to unwind, have a picnic or go fishing at Sandy Bottom Nature Park. Families who have visited this park also highly recommend dropping by its visitor’s center, where animals can be viewed as well.

Soak up the sun at the beach.

Coastal Virginia offers a lot of family-friendly beaches. In Hampton, a well-loved yet less crowded site is Buckroe Beach and Park. Children can enjoy the gentle waters and the playground, while the grownups can bask on the clean and quiet shore.

Learn local history.

You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy the historical sites in Hampton. In fact, one of the favorite sites in this city is Fort Monroe Casemate Museum, a free-admission military museum that visitors often describe as impressive and interesting. Just nearby is the Fort Monroe National Monument, where you can take an outdoor walk among masonry.

Have wholesome fun – with a twist.

Hampton provides an interesting take on the usual fun family activities. For instance, kids enjoy carousel rides, but on Buckroe Beach, they can ride a historic, fully functional wooden carousel installed there in 1920. Or, if your family is in the mood for a movie, try the cinema-restaurant combo at CineBistro, where your theater experience is complemented by good food.

With all these destinations for you and your family, the most important thing is that all of you enjoy your time with each other. Great family moments are a truly precious thing to have. If you are going through some domestic difficulty, it is worth it to find reliable help. Talk to Holcomb Law, PC for sincere, knowledgeable guidance.

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