We are Changing the way People Think about Law Firms in Yorktown & Newport News

Welcome to Holcomb Law. We know full well that most family law crises seem to come out of the blue! There are some exceptions, but you might be thinking, “What just happened?” So, how do you work through all the bad advertising to actually find the right attorney for you?

This is harder than it looks—actually harder than it should be! First of all, do I really need an attorney? Then how would I know when I have found the right one? Aren’t all lawyers the same anyhow?

Good questions.  Our goal is to get you the information that you need and ASAP.  We can help. The truth is that all attorneys are not the same—not even among family law attorneys. Far from it. Let’s start here: You are thinking, what’s different about Holcomb Law?

Why Us?

  • Speak with an attorney about your case within one business day!
  • Rated “Superb” by Independent Lawyer Review Site AVVO
  • Rated Top 10 in Virginia for Client Satisfaction by AIFLA
  • We return all calls same business day!
  • We update our clients weekly on their case.
  • Retired Military Officer and Pilot.  We know your issues.
  • 2016 Super Lawyers Rising Star Recognition
  • Selected as Premier 100 in Virginia by the American Academy of Trial Lawyers.
  • Received “Client’s Choice Award” 2016 from AVVO.
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

For starters: We know what you need first of all, actually right now, is information.

You need an attorney who is concerned less about how great his firm is and more about what is keeping you up at night! Right? Let’s look at what’s bothering you right now.  What is the question you are asking yourself right now? We can help with family law cases, to include:

  • Divorce
  • Military Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Adoption
  • Grandparents’ Rights
  • Juvenile Crime Defense
  • Probate Issues

This list is not inclusive. In all cases, the goal is more information to our clients, and that as soon as possible. That is our first goal for you.  TODAY. Right here on this site. Take a look.

SEE BELOW for free info!  (We want you to know what to do next.)

As mentioned, we intend to get you what you need. Right now. You may start with our newest eBook: “Do Not Hire a Family Law Attorney! (Until You Have Read This Book).” Download it, and then either give us a call, you may e-mail all of your questions about your case to us at info@attorneyholcomb.com.

No “hiding the ball” here.

In your search for a lawyer, find one who knows to explain your options and possible strategies—and answer all your questions–even BEFORE you retain him or her. It’s YOUR case–if you are not an informed participant, how will you know what to do–or be confident that your lawyer knows what to do?


Call, and we will schedule a “No Hassle Legal Strategy Meeting” for you. The “No Hassle” means no sales pitch.  The guarantee is that at this meeting, we will answer ALL your questions.  All of them. Only then will you be properly prepared to decide what to do next and whom you might want to retain to represent you.

Changing the Way People Think about Law Firms…

It is very likely that you are NOT very happy right now, but we predict that you WILL be happy at Holcomb Law. Many of our clients report that they left the initial meeting with us feeling that they were heard and had hope for the first time.

We believe your circumstances will soon improve. We know we are here for our clients, not our clients for us.  You are more than number at this firm. Click on the eBook below that applies to your situation.  We can help, and we look forward to that. See you soon…

It is more than our tagline: You Matter Here.

Contact us at Holcomb Law to schedule your “No Hassle Legal Strategy Meeting,” (no sales pitch) at which our lawyer will answer ALL your questions and show you your options. 757-542-0170 or info@attorneyholcomb.com. Our lawyer will take very good care of you.

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