Picture of an initial consultation with attorney

Getting the Most Out of Your Initial Consultation

You’ve taken the first step towards getting some answers and help on your matter and you have set an appointment for an initial consultation. You’ve filled out the information the firm has requested, but is there anything else you can do to be ready for your meeting with the attorney? What will help you get the most out of your consultation? Well, here are a few tips that could make your consultation a more productive one:

  • WRITE your questions down! You may not know everything you need to ask, but you probably have some questions that have already started to form. Write them down and bring to your consultation with the attorney. That way, you won’t forget to ask them!
  • WRITE out a timeline! Your consult is for an hour (or so), but that time will go by quickly. Oftentimes, there’s a lot to cover. A brief timeline of the events that have taken place can help keep you focused and save you time during your consultation.
  • BRING your documents! If you have something you want the attorney to look over, bring it with you. Whether it’s a previous Order or something you’ve received from another attorney, bring it to the consult so that attorney can better advise you on what it means and what can be done.

There’s a lot you can do to make your consult the most effective it can be. Your attorney will provide a lot of information, but if you come equally prepared, you will be getting the most out of your consult and will be better situated to make the best decision on how to move forward. If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your matter with one of our attorneys, call or text us at 757-656-1000. You don’t have to go through this alone. We are here to help.

You Matter Here.

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