4 Best Hiking And Walking Trails In Hampton, VA

Best Hiking And Walking Trails In Hampton, VAIf you are in Hampton, Virginia and need a healthy break from the hustle and bustle of the city, try walking among nature. Hampton fortunately has several hiking trails that you can take, whether you are a complete beginner or a highly experienced hiker. These trails immerse you in the company of trees, lakes, and gentle wildlife, providing you with an invigorating escape.

Trillium Trail

The longest walking path in Sandy Bottom Nature Park, this trail is just over 3 miles of mostly flat gravel road and is recommended for hikers of any skill level. Dogs are even welcome here, as long as they are leashed. People who have walked this trail love the picturesque views as it leads through the park’s woodlands and along its two lakes.

Matteson Trail

This trail is much more popular as it is closer to city streets and is paved all the way. Various people enjoy this path – not just walkers but also runners, bicyclists, and even babies on strollers. The 3-mile path loops around the Hamptons Golf Course but also integrates nicely with the woods, so you can get up close with animals such as deer and squirrels.

Bluebird Gap Farm

Another popular walking site in Hampton, the trail in this farm is short and sweet at just half a mile long. This site is a family favorite: not only is the path a very easy one, it is also located in a natural yet domesticated environment. Children get to experience feeding the various barnyard animals while adults can enjoy the gardens and antique farm equipment.

Grandview Nature Preserve Trail

This trail, also called the Black River Lighthouse Ruins Trail, is 1.9 miles long. It goes through tidal marshlands and to a white-sand beach where lighthouse ruins can be found. Fit for hikers of any level, the trail is also popular among dog-walkers, as dogs are allowed during off-season.

Wherever you choose to go walking in Hampton, remember that safety is always key to enjoying it. Know what to expect on your trail and heed its safety guidelines. That way, you can truly free your mind from worries while you are taking your relaxing walk.

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