Couple deciding on reconciliation after filing for divorce

What To Do After Reconciliation

You are in the middle of a divorce. You and your spouse have been talking, remembering the good times. You decide to try to give the marriage another chance. You call your Holcomb Law attorney to tell them about the reconciliation. The attorney is happy for you. You’re confused. You thought they’d be upset, try to convince you to go forward with the divorce, or tell you you’re making a mistake.

This scenario above actually happens. The attorneys at Holcomb Law, despite being experienced in guiding clients through the divorce process, are actually happy when parties get back together. We strongly believe in parties working through their differences and finding new and better ways of staying together. We are a pro-marriage family law firm.

If you and your spouse reconcile, is there anything you need to do? Well, that depends on what has happened since you separated. Sometimes the divorce has already been filed. There may have already been some court hearings and Orders entered by the judge. Maybe there is a Separation Agreement in place. A reconciliation after any of these events may require some additional work before the divorce matter is officially over.

If you and your spouse decide to reconcile, you should contact your attorney right away so they can tell you what next steps you should take. If you do not already have an attorney, reach out to the family law attorneys at Holcomb Law and we can help you figure out how to avoid issues after reconciling with your spouse. We want you to be as informed as possible. You can email us at or call/text us at 757-656-1000. We are ready to help you navigate your family law matter.