Should You Hire a Traffic Attorney?

The short answer is yes. First, if you simply pay the ticket you are essentially admitting guilt. As a result of this admission, you may receive a conviction, fines, and up to six traffic points depending on the severity of the charge. If you are charged with reckless driving, your admission could even carry with it jail time or result in a suspended license.  In addition, your insurance premiums may increase dramatically.

Second, a lawyer may be able to provide defenses that the average person may not think of. For example, a mistake on the ticket or radar calibration issues.  Also, attorneys are very familiar with the local courts and what defenses certain judges may be prone to accept or deny.

Lastly, believe it or not, bringing an attorney to court may influence how the judge or prosecuting authority perceives you.  The prosecutor will realize that the attorney knows what he or she is doing and may be more likely to come to an agreement or lower the charge. A judge may come to the conclusion that you are invested in your case and agree to drop or lower the charges. In conclusion, next time you get a traffic ticket think twice before simply paying it.