divorce paperwork

I’ve been served with divorce papers: What do I do now?

In Virginia, if you are served with divorce paperwork you are being served with a complaint and a summons. The complaint is the document used in Virginia to begin the divorce process. The complaint will set forth the basic facts of the case and any grounds that the other party believes they have to file for divorce. The summons is a document that tells you that you must respond to the complaint within a certain time period. In Virginia, you have 21 days to file an answer to the complaint or you can risk a default judgment. If your 21 days has already passed, you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss how to file a late answer. Your answer should respond to any claims the other party made and allege any additional grounds you may have i.e. (adultery, desertion, abuse).

Once you have spoken with an attorney and replied to the answer the next step is to get your finances together. Divorce can, and usually is, expensive! Consider opening a separate bank account and coming up with a budget. Lastly, if you have children consider the impact the divorce will have on them and remember to always keep their best interests first.

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