writing easy ways to save money on attorneys fees

5 Easy Ways To Save Money On Attorney’s Fees

Let’s face it, everyone knows attorney’s fees are expensive and a “great unknown” at the beginning of most lawsuits, which can be stressful and worrisome. Lawyers usually charge for all time spent on a case, of course. While you don’t want the cheapest lawyer in town, almost no one is made of money either.  Here are some helpful tips to help save money in your case:

  1. Be an Information Gatherer! Get as much information as you can yourself.  Every document that you can find, bring and/or summarize saves you from paying from somebody else at the firm to do this for you.
  2. Present information to your attorney in an organized fashion. If you bring in information, forward emails, send pictures, etc. To your attorney, do so in manner that is helpful—or staff here will have to spend time organizing them to make them useful, which costs you more fees.
  3. Use staff. Paralegals cost far less per hour and are a very good resource for most common questions. At our firm, you will have your paralegal’s direct line phone number when you retain us.
  4. Use email. If you can send emails, do so—they tend to take less attorney time. Paralegals should normally be copied on the emails because they usually handle a lot of the detailed work on your file.
  5. Use the phone wisely. Phone calls are usually billable time for a lawyer or the staff. Don’t waste time calling a lawyer over and over trying to catch him/her in the office. Speak to the paralegal and use email if possible also, which will help with your fees considerably.

         At Holcomb Law, many of us have actually been through what you are going through. We would much rather have you leave happier and “less broke” if at all possible.  It is our plan to be your lawyers for life and want to maintain that level of trust. We welcome any questions you may have about billing and are happy to help in any way we can. Give us a call at 757-656-1000 or email us at info@attorneyholcomb.com. See you soon!

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