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Why Do I Have to Pay a Fee to Speak with a Lawyer?

We get calls every day with potential clients asking why they have to pay a consultation fee. Many say that they “just have a few quick questions” and “it won’t take much of the attorney’s time at all”! Believe me, I understand. Shelling out money just to speak with an attorney can be another hoop you have to jump through during a crisis and in the end, you’re not even sure you’re going to hire them.

Nearly every attorney requires a consultation fee to discuss your matter, and we are no exception. But why?

Well, for starters, we recently explained why you may not want to hire the cheapest attorney. What you are getting when you meet with one of our attorneys is legal advice catered to your particular case. We request any information you have about your case be sent to us prior to your consultation to give our attorneys time to review and understand your specific situation. Our attorneys will review your paperwork before they even meet with you.

Then, they will devote the full allotted time for your consultation to you and your matter alone. You will get all of your legal questions about your matter answered during that initial consultation, as well as a chance to explore the different avenues you can take in your matter. What the attorney is essentially “selling” in the initial consultation is: time and when you think about it, paying an initial consultation for this just makes sense.

But where can I get FREE information BEFORE I pay for a consultation?

This one’s easy: request a free eBook on our website. We have written several articles full of helpful information that you can have before you even schedule an initial consultation – and we give you this information – for free! If you would rather us send a particular eBook directly to you, feel free to email us at We look forward to hearing from you and will take very good care of you!