My Court Case is Today: What Do I Wear?

What to wear for your court case may not seem important, but it is. Judges, like all people, may fall into the trap of forming an opinion about you simply based on the way you dress or look. You always want to make sure that you make a good first impression! Virginia is considered a very traditional state. Judges expect every person that enters their courtroom to appear suitable and professional.

When appearing in court you should dress as if you were going to a job interview. This means you should NEVER wear shorts, cut-offs, tank-tops, flip-flops, or clothes printed with offensive language. In fact, many sheriffs may not even let you in the courtroom if you are wearing those types of clothes. In addition, your hair should be groomed and tattoos should be covered, if possible. If you are in the military, it may be a good idea to wear you uniform.

Other helpful tips for your court appearance include: don’t chew gum, leave your phone in the car, be polite to all staff and courtroom personnel, and address the judge as “Your Honor”.