Mark Matney

Mark Matney - Holcomb LawI was raised in Baltimore City, Maryland, where I lived from the time I was two years old until I began high school. I won my first trial as a high school student when I defended myself against a stop sign violation. It wasn’t too hard since both the other driver and the officer acknowledged that my view was blocked by a large stone pillar.

I moved to Arlington, Virginia, while completing my B.A. in International Studies at The American University. Subsequently, I relocated to Williamsburg where I earned my law degree at the William & Mary Law School in 1992. After law school, I felt that the Lord might be leading me in a different direction, so I completed a Master of Divinity degree in 2005 with Evangel Theological Seminary.

I enjoy teaching, so I serve as an adjunct professor at William & Mary’s law school. When my oldest daughter was in 9th grade, I had the opportunity to teach one semester for her homeschool co-op. I have also taught the School of Practical Ministry program for my seminary in both Alexandria, Virginia and Yaoundé, Cameroon. I currently enjoy two weekly Bible studies, one as a facilitator and one as a participant.

I believe that it is important to use what we know to help other people. I like the quote attributed to Albert Einstein that says, “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” I have volunteered more than 900 hours to Alliance Defending Freedom, nonprofit boards, legal clinics and pro bono legal representation.

I focus on driving related violations, especially reckless driving and DUI defense. I understand the stress of being charged with a misdemeanor because I received a reckless driving summons after an accident near the Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel. It weighed on my mind until it was dismissed.

To help me to be the best lawyer I can be, I have trained with the National College for DUI Defense and the DUI Defense Lawyers Association. I wrote the Virginia chapter of the book A Cup of Coffee With 10 of the Top DUI Attorneys in the United States and served as an editor for the first edition of the Thomson Reuters practice manual Virginia DUI Law: Understanding the Scientific, Medical, Technological, and Legal Aspects of a DUI Case, by Tillotson & Martin.

My wife and I live in Williamsburg, where we attend Living Hope church. On the weekends, I enjoy ballroom dancing with my youngest daughter and practicing French with a monthly Meetup group.