Katherine Hale

Katherine NaceBecoming a lawyer was my childhood dream, and I’m happy to report that years of practice have not dulled my passion! I consider it an absolute privilege to represent my Clients and to meet them “where they’re at”. My main practice is family and domestic relations law, and I know how difficult it is to walk through a divorce, custody battle, or a protective order hearing. Because I understand these unique personal challenges and emotional battles, I consider it my responsibility to operate as a light in a dark place.

As a family law lawyer and certified mediator, I aim to help husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, family members and parents preserve their relationships for the sake of the children. As a mediator, I have the unique opportunity to help individuals come to a place where they can sit around a table together to craft a solution without fighting to the death in court.

As an attorney, I get to help protect my Clients by being an involved advocate who loves to passionately fight for their best interests in front of a Judge! I practice in Hampton Roads and I am familiar with many local Judges and courtrooms.

As a graduate of Regent University School of Law and as a Hampton Roads resident, I truly value serving my community in a way that helps many families and individuals move forward.

In my free time, I’m an avid songwriter. Plus, I’m a coffee enthusiast who loves burying my nose in a good book!