child support

I’m not receiving my child support obligation: What can I do?

There are two main ways to ensure that you receive your child support obligation. First, you can file a Motion to Show Cause. This allows the custodial parent to bring the noncustodial parent to court to show cause why he/she has failed to comply with their court ordered child support obligation. A judge can choose to find the noncustodial parent in contempt of court and order them to pay the child support and arrearages or risk being incarcerated.

Similarly, you can file a Notice and Motion for Arrearages. This allows for a judge to calculate the amount of back child support that is owed and enter a judgment. With this judgement, the custodial parent can garnish wages, place a lien, and use other collection methods.

Another alternative to enforce child support obligations is through the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE). You can simply fill out an application with DCSE, who will then assist you and represent you in obtaining your child support. DCSE has the authority to withhold wages, withhold tax returns, suspend driver’s licenses, request jail time for failure to pay, and locate individuals who may be hiding from their responsibilities.

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