Working with the Holcomb Law Team

What Wayne, Colleen, and the Holcomb Law Team Can Do For You During Your Case:

We understand the disappointment, stress, and frustration that has led you to this point in your life where you are reading a report on divorce, and it seems almost impossible to imagine a future without too much pain and grief.  Maybe at this point you just don’t care anymore. Let us help you see that you are actually in a perfect position from which to spring into action, to start again, to forever change your life for the better. You have choices to make.   Remember the quote by Nietzsche: “What does not kill me makes me stronger.”  It is important that you realize that “you ain’t dead yet”—in fact, you are getting stronger.

Let’s try this:  Close your eyes for just a second and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind of what you are carrying around right now. Yes, even you men—this won’t harm you; I promise—and besides, no one is looking!  Imagine yourself three years from now. You are three years older and wiser than you are right now. You have taken this negative experience and used it to raise your expectations of others which has in turn reduced the chance of future disappointments and frustrations. The people with whom you chose to surround yourself in this three year period have inspired and motivated you to do great things. Your ability not only to survive, but to thrive is an inspiration to those around you who may be experiencing the same things you are right now. You have surrounded yourself with the right people, and you have been able to use your experiences to help others.  Your kids are well adjusted, happy, and rapidly growing into amazing people who reflect your resilience and determination. Their ability to tackle whatever life throws at them is a testament to your dedication, to your strength, to your dreams. You have passed the test. You feel happier than you ever recall feeling.

Now take a look around and envision what things need to come to pass for you to feel this way, to be in this place you have just envisioned. Are you pursuing an educational goal that you have always dreamed of? Do you have more time and opportunities to indulge in a hobby that you had to put on the back-burner for years? Did you leave that job you hated?  Maybe you started you own business? Imagine monthly bills coming in and you hardly giving them a second thought because you’ve reached a point where you are able to make ends meet and provide the best life possible for your children. Let all the pieces of your best possible future begin to fall into place, acknowledge that you have survived hell and high water to get there, and you deserve the best for yourself. Life feels pretty great right now, right?

We believe (actually, we know) that this future destination is possible. At Holcomb Law, the journey begins with your No Hassle Family Law Strategy Meeting to discuss all the facts and circumstances that exist in your life right now. We will listen. We will hear you.  We will assess your needs and wants, and discuss your future goals and plans in order to get a complete picture of your short-term and long-term needs. Next, our team will examine how the law applies to your circumstances and what variables may come into play both to help us meet your goals, and also to avoid the less than desirable possible outcomes. We will explain all of the options available to get you to that great future you see for yourself, and then you and we will decide which path is the right one for you.

One thing we do know for sure is that there is no one “right” path to get you from here to there. You will soon see that the law is much more an art than a science.  The journey from here to there is genuinely a choose-your-own-adventure story, and, even aside from the law, as Counselors it is our job to help you consider all of the options you might encounter and understand how your choices may get you closer to or further away from the future you envision for yourself.  At every juncture, Holcomb Law will lead you through the cost-benefit analysis necessary to get you where you want to go in the efficient manner that makes sense to and works for you.

Holcomb Law cannot speak for other attorneys, but at this dedicated family law firm, our goal is that on the day you end the formal part of our relationship with us, you walk out of our office with an extensive toolbox at your side, a tangible vision of the next steps you need to take, and a detailed map of your chosen journey in your mind. It is also our goal that your divorce, while certainly difficult, will not have permanently handicapped that future. You will start again with a vision and personal strength that will guide you on to the next stage of your destiny.  Believe it or not, today is a good day for you!

Wayne, Colleen, and the Holcomb Law team believe that ideal client relationships should always begin with free access to information, followed by a No Hassle Family Law Strategy Meeting, in which we listen to you, then thoroughly review your goals, discuss options, and create a plan which not only addresses the pressing issues of today, but the goals you must have for tomorrow and what can be done to avoid legal pitfalls and unnecessary expense.

What this means is Holcomb Law’s new clients leave the No Hassle initial meeting with a completely clear picture of where they stand, what to do next, what issues may occur along the way, and how to successfully navigate the difficult process of obtaining a divorce.  We have strict No Confusion Policy, and we literally try to sell you nothing unless you ask.

            We look forward to meeting with you!  Give us a call at 757-656-1000.  On to better days!