Holcomb Law Recommends AppClose Co-Parenting App for Communication

FREE RESOURCE! AppClose Co-Parenting Communication App

Communication between parents after separation can be difficult and so can keeping track of schedules and requests for payments. Holcomb Law has discovered a co-parenting app, AppClose, that can be downloaded right to your phone. The best part – it’s free!

Besides the cost, there are many great features with this app that can help you and the other parent stay on top of things regarding your child. One of the best features is the Calendar function of the app. You can create multiple calendars, set up notifications and alerts, and sync with your personal calendar so you never miss anything!

The Messenger function is also great. You can do group or one-on-one conversations. Messages in an active account can never be altered or deleted, very helpful for any future court cases. You can also add various people to the app (the other parent, family members, your attorney, the guardian ad litem, etc.). You can share calendars, reminders and send messages to them through the app, keeping communication regarding your child simple and eliminating miscommunication issues.

Do you share the cost of medical expenses or extracurricular activities with the other parent? The app has a neat scan feature that allows you to scan receipts and other documents to the app when you submit a request for reimbursement. You can also make payments in the app!

Because conversations and information cannot be altered or deleted, you can share, export, and print your records that you may need in the future. Oh, yeah – this is also FREE!

Finally, what if the other parent refuses to use the app? That’s fine! You can still use the app and all of its features. You can communicate and send information to the other parent through the app, or use it with family, caregivers or other professionals. This app really provides a lot for parents and helps make the co-parenting process much easier. Find the app in your phone’s app store or learn more on the website!

You can learn more tips about successful co-parenting in our blog post Tips for Successful Co-Parenting.