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Tough DUI Laws . . . Welcome to Virginia!

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Despite what you may hear, a DUI conviction is NOT automatic in Virginia!  Although our DUI laws are among the toughest in the nation, this does not mean that there are no defenses to these charges. You must NOT plead guilty or “plead down” unless it is your ONLY rational option. In most cases, you have more options than you think. You need a focused Virginia DUI Attorney – there is too much at stake!

If you have been charged with a DUI in Virginia contact us immediately at (757) 659-1233.  There are many defenses to a DUI but time of the essence! Don’t put it off, contact us today.

A Word of Caution:

Beware the lowest price DUI defense law firm.  There are only three reasons why a lawyer competes for the lowest price “defense:”

(1) He is inexperienced and is basically learning on your case.  If this does not bother you, OK; just be aware.

(2) She is running a high volume practice; hence, she will not be able to dedicate the time necessary to prepare your defense.

(3) Lastly, he or she may be a “door lawyer,” one that takes whatever case walks through the door, which makes it very likely that he or she does not defend your type of case very often and thus–likely doesn’t know what you need. There is only one loser in each of these three scenarios – YOU!  The Defendant.  Beware.

The Stakes are High.

True, the stakes are high, and a conviction can and most certainly will affect your future. A DUI is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in Virginia, a negative 6-point DMV violation, and carries a mandatory fine and possible jail time. Also, it can increase your insurance rates—for years to come!

Unfortunately, a DUI conviction also carries a stigma–it is an alcohol-related incident. Though many drink responsibly and drive home, the one who is convicted of a DUI tends to wear a red letter “A” around his or her neck. However, unlike the book The Scarlet Letter, this “A” stands for “alcoholic.” Many military commanders view a DUI as an alcohol-related character event, and will begin non-judicial punishment directly after the charge itself–even before the case has been heard in Court. For most, the charge itself is a type of guilty verdict which causes its own shame and guilt. Hear me now: Don’t Go There.  At our office, this is a law thing–not a morality thing.  We can help.

There are some financial considerations; DUI’s are expensive. A first DUI conviction is a minimum charge of $250, but can go as high as $2500.  However, that is just the beginning of financial problems for many people with a DUI conviction.  A quick Google search reveals that a DUI conviction costs one between $7,145 and over $60,000!  Some lose lose favor with their employers and are let go from their jobs.  With a Class 1 Misdemeanor on their records, these people also have a trying time finding new employment.  Also, DUI convictions can preclude international travel to some countries, even if these flights are business and not leisure trips.

No one is  Exempt.

DUIs are not all “youthful indiscretions!”  This charge affects us all–even families!  A restricted license limits parents ability to drive for even the most normal and mundane of family errands.  The consequences of drinking and driving with a minor in the care are severe. Imagine driving home from a Fourth of July Barbecue.  You had a few drinks, but you were safe and within the legal limits.  Upon driving home, you and your child are pulled over at a DUI checkpoint, and the breathalyzer detects alcohol.  If convicted, the consequences of enjoying yourself on a national holiday are egregious!  In addition to a fine, which could cost as much as $2,500, because of the minor in the vehicle, you would spend a minimum of five days in jail.

All this said… Don’t Dispair! 

There are several possible defenses for most DUI cases. Take heart! Let us assure you that if you have come to this site, you are intelligent enough to look for good Counsel, and you know this is not over. . .  Our entire firm is fully behind you. This is our job; we do this all the time. Nothing is more important than your freedom, your reputation, and your life. You need to get this charge behind you and get on with living your life.  If you need attorneys who are dedicated to your case, who take your defense personally, and who leave no stone unturned, you have found the right firm.  We can help.

Contact us at Holcomb Law to schedule your “No Hassle Legal Strategy Meeting,” (no sales pitch) at which our DUI lawyer will answer ALL your questions and show you your options.  757-659-1233 or info@attorneyholcomb.com. Our DUI lawyer will take very good care of you.