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The Waiting Game: Check your Virginia Case Status Online

Surprisingly to many, Virginia has made it relatively easy to check the status of your criminal and civil case online (unless the case is in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court). The website provides information such as the hearing date and time, when a party has been served, what motions have been filed, and final dispositions, etc.

To check on the status of your case simply go to the Virginia Court’s website. On the left sidebar, select case status and information and click the correct court. The next step is to select the correct city’s court. Once you enter all that information, you can simply search by first and last name or case number.

If you have just been charged with a crime or filed your civil case, it may take a few weeks for your case to post on the website. The Virginia court website also provides numerous other helpful links such as licensed bails bondsmen, information on GALs, forms, and general information on the court system. Go check it out!