Tips for a Better Initial Consultation

So, you’ve taken the first step. You’ve called an attorney and made an appointment to sit down and discuss your matter. But what happens now? We want you to be prepared for your initial consultation – we believe that by being fully prepared, you will get the most information possible out of the hour (or so) you spend with our attorneys.

First of all, we suggest writing down any questions you may have prior to your consultation. A lot happens in the hour you meet with the attorney – you get a ton, and I mean A TON, of information pushed at you in a relatively short amount of time. Often, after the initial consultation, you will likely realize you didn’t ask this or you didn’t mention that, and need this information to make the best decision for you. Writing down the questions and concerns you have about the process can ensure that you do not overlook any important avenues you want to discuss. (We believe that this is so important that we even include a portion of our intake form for you to tell us your top concerns about your particular situation.)

Here is a list of some questions that we recommend you ask any attorney you meet with about your situation:

  • Have you handled this type of case?
  • Do you practice in the courthouse where my case is (or will be)?
  • What are the likely outcomes in my case?
  • What strategy do you propose?
  • Are there alternatives to a trial?

These are likely questions you may not think of when you’re in the middle of your consultation, but they could definitely have an effect on the confidence you have in your attorney. There is often fear in the unknown and we believe that your situation will drastically improve when your questions are answered. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at We are here to help!