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Wayne E. Holcomb

Wayne HolcombLike many of you, I ain’t from around these parts…!  I was stationed here as a Navy pilot, and when I retired, I became a Virginia resident.  I think life is good in Hampton Roads. My own small hometown in Kansas has now grown to a bustling population of 331, but it was less urban in my youth! My Midwestern family has been farmers and blue collar workers for as far back as we know. I grew up in farm houses without indoor plumbing.  Yep, so imagine where the “bathroom” was!  (Winters were cold; that’s where I got my speed!) We had party line phones early on.  No A/C.  Then we moved to into a trailer house “in town.”

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Colleen Holmes Holcomb

Colleen Holcomb

I was born into a wonderful consortium of huge Irish, Catholic families on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio.  Although I am the oldest of merely three children, my mom was one of ten, and hers was a relatively small family in that neighborhood.  So we were constantly surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins—lots of cousins!

Growing up, we not only knew everybody, but as my best friend would often remark when we went out and I would have to stop to talk to everybody we ran into, we were somehow related to everybody in town!

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Katherine Nace

Katherine NaceGrowing up in Pennsylvania’s farm country, I always wanted to travel and experience greater things in life. I decided to become an attorney at fifteen, and I moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia after graduating high school. From that point forward, I geared all my decisions towards practicing law: from working for my state representative, to obtaining a Bachelor’s degree specializing in the philosophical and practical theories underpinning the US constitutional system, and to studying human rights and constitutional law abuses in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I earned my Juris Doctorate from Regent University School of Law in 2015, which I accomplished after two years of tenacious study.

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Jasmine Brandt

Jasmine BrandtI am a proud Virginia native, born and raised in Newport News. I earned my Bachelor’s degree at The College of William and Mary and my Juris Doctor at Regent University. I am first generation college graduate. Before law school, I worked in banking and public finance. I am grateful for the opportunity to use my legal and financial experience to assist clients. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two sons. In my free time, I enjoy mentoring teenage girls, working out, reading, traveling, and cheering really loudly at my sons’ baseball games.

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