4 Steps to an Easier Virginia Divorce

Divorce can be a very overwhelming and time consuming process. In addition, you may be feeling hurt, betrayed, abandoned, and even angry. These feelings are natural! However, you cannot let your personal feelings cloud your judgment or affect the outcome of your divorce proceeding. Below are 4 simple steps you can take to help increase the prospect of a positive and easier divorce process.

  1. Be proactive. Don’t sit back and wait for somebody to tell you what to do next. As soon as the divorce proceedings begin you should start to gather and collect your financial documents, open a new bank account in your name only, and set a financial plan for yourself. In addition, you should draft a best and worst case divorce scenario to emotionally prepare yourself for potential divorce outcomes.
  2. Listen to your attorney’s advice. Your divorce attorney has your best interests in mind. Though the process may seem overwhelming, when an attorney tells you to do something or gather and provide certain documents it is only to further your case and keep the divorce moving and make it ultimately easier on you.
  3. Keep an open line of communication with your attorney. If you attorney can’t reach your or you don’t provide necessary documentation to your attorney, then they will have a very difficult time doing their job. If you want the divorce process to continue to move forward always make sure your attorney can reach you.
  4. Remember the best interest of the children. You should always try to shield your children from the divorce as much as possible. For example, you should never talk poorly about the other parent in front of the children or explain details of the divorce proceedings to the children.

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